When the Wait is Almost Over

open road

It is hard to believe that, in just under two weeks, I’ll be on the open road heading toward MI with the last bit of all I own packed into my old Honda Civic. After two years of living in limbo, I will soon be heading out on the last leg of the journey to get busy serving at Life Action Camp!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited—I can’t wait to dig into this next season of life. However, I’d also be lying if I told you leaving my home, friends, family, and job was no sweat. Ever since it was decided that I’d be moving out to MI for the beginning of the summer camp season, I’ve wrestled with leaving all this behind. It is only through faith and trust in God that I am able to bear the weight of it–though I must confess it’s not always done well or without tears.

The last couple years of preparation to serve at the camp has been the longest season of actively waiting that I can remember. And, as it comes rapidly to a conclusion, I’m in awe of my Master’s plan and refining fire. I feel as though my heart has experienced an intensive bootcamp—and I’m certain the training is far from over.

As I’ve been wrapping things up and doing the last bit of preparations to move, I wanted to briefly share with you, my fellow sojourners, some of the things our great God has been teaching me through this season:

  • Our God is the Great Provider, He is faithful, and He will take care of His own. Always.
  • It truly is way more fun to give than receive.
  • The Kingdom is so much bigger than I ever realized.
  • The sin in my heart goes so much deeper than my thoughts and actions; its root lies in the attitude and orientation of my heart.
  • God’s plan of salvation goes beyond just rescuing us from ourselves and restoring some kind of equilibrium. It brings us into an abundant life that is infinitely cooler that we can imagine–and starts at the moment of our turning to Him (not just some future Heaven thing).

You may be thinking, “Wow Alicia, this seems incredibly basic.” And you’d be right. I’m slowly learning that much of our sojourning involves deepening—not broadening—our understanding of the most important things.

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tenting extreem

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.
Plans to give you a hope and a future”
Jeremiah 29:11, NIV 1984

It amazes me that it is so easy to forget how carefully the Master of the Universe watches over us and provides for our every need—even the needs we are completely clueless about.

Just over two years ago I was caught completely by surprise at the sudden appearance of an unforeseen path in my journey. God was gently, yet dramatically, calling me to shift my focus and my best-laid plans to pursue full-time ministry with Life Action (you can read that story here). Since then, I’ve been on what feels like an intensive wilderness camping excursion.

Everything I own (which isn’t much), except essentials has been packed away and/or moved to Michigan. I haven’t seen my books, Bible study tools, and bookshelves for over a year. My desk has been packed away and moved, and the room where I sleep has no door.

I’ve learned a lot about letting go and the freedom that comes with living simply. But most of all, I’m learning where my Home truly is and which Kingdom I’m really serving. You know the difference between knowing something and knowing something? Well, that’s what this whole season has been about.

In the same week that God laid the mission of Life Action Ministries on my heart, He provided a temporary full-time job that was far beyond anything I could have ever asked for. Last month, when it was decided that it was time to move forward, quit my job in May, and serve a full summer at the Life Action Camp, my heart was resolved.

However, as my departure date (the first full week of May) grows closer, my heart has been unsettled and prone to fear. Then last week I was caught completely off guard with, not only a job promotion, but a career path if I stayed and continued to work for my current employer. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that God has called me to work with LAM, so why was my heart so troubled?

I had no other choice but to fall down before the Throne of grace and lay my heart bare before my Master. He gently—yet firmly—revealed to me my lack of trust in his sovereignty. Yes, I could have a “stable” career of “my own making.” Why should I give up good work, nice pay, and—by all appearances—a stable life, to go work for a ministry where I have to depend directly on God moving in the hearts of individuals to give so that I can make ends meet?

And God nailed me.

Alicia,” I could sense His words, “Have I not provided EVERYTHING that you have and trust in—including the job you now have and the place you now live?

Then it hit me. It doesn’t matter which path I choose to walk. God will always be my God, Father, and faithful provider. He is the one I am serving. His Kingdom is the one I work tirelessly to advance. It’s not about me and my petty comforts and miniature kingdom. Life is about an amazing work of grace and the transformation which that brings.

I don’t need a cushy job that makes tons of money.

But I do need Jesus.

I desperately need His love and the life He has sacrificed for me.

Now, I want to clarify. I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive for a nice stable job or that it’s wrong to make a lot of money. What I am saying is, whether you make a ton of money or not, God is the one who calls the shots. In the hands of the Master of the Universe, a “stable” job is no more secure than living month to month trusting that God will provide. Either way we must completely trust in our Savior-God to secure all our needs, for it is Him alone who holds all things together (Col. 1:17).

If He is willing to give up His throne in Heaven to embark on a rescue mission at infinite cost to Himself to save us from the utter destruction of our own making, than don’t you think He is willing to care for us and work all things to our good (Rom. 8:28-32)?

Your relationship with Him is infinitely more important than your temporary comfort.

Through the last couple years of my sojourning here in NH, I’ve come to know the wonderful promises of my God and King to provide for my every need. I have never felt more blessed as I’ve watched God provide for even the smallest of my needs with care and precision.

I’ve known about my future home in heaven; I’ve known and even experienced the Kingdom life. But I’m beginning to really get, that despite the pain of this world, Heaven is here now! This isn’t just some future hope, but a present reality. My “home” isn’t dependent on staying in NH or moving to MI. My home is the present reality of Heaven come to earth through the death and resurrection of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We each have the opportunity to live for the Kingdom now. In whatever we are doing and whatever path is laid out before us and in whatever season of life we find ourselves. We have the opportunity to live in the freedom of God’s love and provision. So that whatever we do, it is the King we are serving and His glory we are striving for (Col 3:23).

It is my prayer that, as we sojourn here, our eyes would be continually fixed on the Savior and our hearts would find shalom in the present reality of the Kingdom.


Photo Credit: Winter Tent by Ben C @ stock.xchng