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The Camp is Expanding!


Family Camp attendance continues to grow at an exponential rate, doubling approximately every six years (see chart on right). We have a high demand for Family Camp and can’t keep up with the growth! Next summer, to increase our ability to minister to more families and shorten our waiting list, we will be adding two more… Read More

What Now?

RV Park small

Now that the busyness of summer family camps has ended, we are currently transitioning into a different type of busy. Retreat season is making headway, with several weekend events on the docket for the next few weeks (see schedule on the right). At the end of summer, the most frequently asked question is, “What do… Read More

A Commissioned Summer

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Summer Family Camp 2015 has come to a close. We had a fantastic summer of 10 weeks packed with an average of 33 families! Each week was full of family-oriented activities and spiritually challenging messages. As many of you know, this summer our Camp theme was Commissioned. In addition to the regular teaching, families were… Read More