Summer Family Camp – The Half-Way Point!

We just reached the halfway point for our summer family camp season! This is a big transition week for us in regards to CREW. Today and tomorrow about 90 CREW will be coming and going as many of those who have been serving for the first half of the summer go home today. As a result, this coming Monday is like a breath of fresh air with new and eager CREW. There are also fresh challenges, however, as many of our new CREW need training. So there’s a bit of a learning curve involved again in the next couple weeks!

Please remember us in your prayers as we press into the second half of the family camp season.

  • Pray for weekly restoration and rest.
  • Pray for deeper dependence on God.
  • Pray that we would not lose heart or give up when weary.
  • Pray that we would focus on loving and serving others.

CREW Arrive and so it Begins!

CREW are settling in and the first week of CREW check-in is complete! Our guest families arrive tomorrow, officially commencing our first week of summer family camp! As always, we deeply need and appreciate your prayers for the Camp and the ministry that will take place here. For the first time ever, we have 12 weeks of back-to-back camp, which will call for a new amount of endurance!

Please join me in praying:

  • That God would be magnified this summer and that many hearts and lives would be transformed.
  • For endurance, strength, and balance for our staff and their families amidst the various demands of family camp.
  • That the gospel would be proclaimed and God’s Kingdom would be expanded.
  • For the faithfulness of our staff and fruitfulness in our ministry.

2016 Camp Theme Revealed

Seeing God work in the lives of His people, revival and heart transformation, is what propels everything we do here. We believe that as family members encounter God, it will lead to practical life-changes that will impact their families, churches, communities, and ultimately the world.

In keeping with our overarching mission, this year’s summer theme is “Love One More”. The desire is to encourage and challenge families to obey the command to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:39), taking practical steps to love those around them.

2016 Theme

One of our leaders put it like this:

Loving one more is the way of Jesus, it gets to the heart of what it means to follow Him, to be a Good Samaritan, to lovingly “go.”

For campers, we hope this focus will provide an obvious next step to our Commissioned theme last summer—and continuing with our mission—focus as a Camp…to help people pause and reconnect, but then go out and engage.

Please join us in praying that as families step onto the camp property this summer, God will encounter each person, bringing personal spiritual revival and renewal, and leading to deeper love for those around them.


Posts are about to slow down again as the intensity of ministry will consume the bulk of my time. By now you have probably received my prayer card in the mail. For those of you who didn’t–or if you’d like the digital file–check out the image below or download the pdf. It would be amazing if you would use that to pray for me the next months.

If you would like to stay connected with what’s going on at the camp the next months, check out our Life Action Camp and CREW facebook pages! You can also find CREW on instagram.


Prayer Card PDF: 2016PrayerCard – Alicia Shedd

The Heart of a Sojourner

It’s hard to have dear friends and family spread out across the country and, in some cases, the globe. Engaging in camp life provides countless opportunities to engage with the broader Kingdom of God’s Church and cultivate friendships all over the country. This however, lends itself to difficult goodbyes on a somewhat regular basis. As a result, God has been teaching and working some deep truths in my heart.

My most recent trip to the northeast (in February) proved to be yet another opportunity to put into practice what I’ve been learning. Transitioning to MI was definitely a huge adjustment and every time I return “home” to NH, my mind is flooded with thoughts and memories. But over the last few years, God has gradually worked into my heart a greater grasp of “home.”

I’m coming to a fuller understanding of what it means to live in light of my true home. I’m not talking about the house I currently live in, the place I grew up, or even my family and close circle of friends—my true Home rests in the Kingdom I was saved to dwell in and the Person who has redeemed my life! As long as I look to anything else, I will be left hurting and unfulfilled.

Isn’t it odd how we can be content where we are, and yet discontent because we’re not yet where we shall be eternally? Paul hits at this tension in Philippians 1:22-24 when he compares the gospel work that needs to be done, and his desire to be with the Lord. Interestingly, what propels Paul’s immensely difficult mission forward is a deeply rooted security in his true Home with the Father, through the saving work of Christ.

There’s so much hope in looking to our true Home. It makes our present challenges and fears pale in comparison. It produces joy because no matter what happens on earth, we have a Home, an inheritance, that cannot be destroyed or taken away (1 Peter 1:4).

No matter where I live, how many times I have to say goodbye, or what I face today, I can be at rest because my hope touches eternity. My heart can experience shalom knowing that I’m at home no matter where I live geographically—home for a sojourner.

This sojourner eagerly anticipates the day when we stand in our eternal Home before the Father—our Savior and Friend. But until that day, may we labor and serve with abandonment knowing that nothing can alter the security of our true Home.

With our hearts resting in the present reality of an unshakable Home, may we fully engage in the mission set before us!

Montshire Museum

Back in February, while I was in NH, I was able to go with a dear friend’s 3rd grade class to the Montshire Museum in Norwich, VTmy favorite children’s science center. It was a blast engaging with the kids and capturing their interactions with the exhibits. Below you can check out the video I created afterwards.