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Looking Forward

2016 Calendar-Pray - Small

As you can see from the 2016 Camp Calendar, the event season we have planned for next year looks rather daunting. If you were to take a walk around The Camp and watch all the prep going into keeping our facility maintained and up-to-date and/or speak with our full-time staff about our current state of unprecedented growth, you… Read More

Building Projects

Suites 008

Our project season at The Camp is in full swing now. I thought everyone might enjoy a visual progression of our current building projects, run by our facilities team, volunteer work groups, and many of our camp staff. The two major construction projects depicted below are particularly significant for next year’s ever-increasing calendar of events. The first section shows… Read More

Ending with Momentum

Momentum Schedule

This weekend marked our final major retreat of the 2015 camp season, moMENtom, a retreat just for men. We hosted 186 men—our largest men’s retreat ever! They enjoyed amazing food and all manner of events and activities. But most of all, they heard powerful messages (that you can listen or watch) by Tom Harmon as he proclaimed Word of God! Tom preached the… Read More