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CREW 2015


This summer continues to be a testimony of God’s amazing grace! Our CREW program is running strong, with a record-setting average of approx. 70 young adult volunteers weekly (over 180 for the whole summer)! It’s been exciting to see the fruit of countless hours of preparation finally come to fruition. While in the winter and spring I spent most of… Read More

Past the Halfway Mark


A week ago we reached the halfway point of camp. In some ways, it’s incredible that we are already halfway through the summer. In other ways, it feels like we’ve been at this for a while. With our overarching summer theme of “Commissioned,” the camp has been blessed to equip, encourage, and challenge believers to take the spread… Read More

A Year Ago Today 


A year ago today, I climbed into my completely packed Honda Civic and drove away from everything that was familiar and all that I called home. I left with a wet face and heavy heart, grieved to say final goodbyes to my dear people that I had grown to know and love deeply. As I drove down… Read More