Montshire Museum

Back in February, while I was in NH, I was able to go with a dear friend’s 3rd grade class to the Montshire Museum in Norwich, VTmy favorite children’s science center. It was a blast engaging with the kids and capturing their interactions with the exhibits. Below you can check out the video I created afterwards.

MoMENtum Recap

Thank you all for praying for our staff and the 190 men who joined us for our MoMENtum retreat this weekend! Despite constant rain and chilly temperatures, there was a lot of energy and incredible teaching (thank you Tom Harmon)!

IMG_9162On Saturday evening eight men came forward and surrendered their lives to Jesus! Please pray for them as they return home and take their first steps in the faith over the next several days.

IMG_9157 cropped

We had an amazing (and very small) group of CREW who helped us pull of the retreat this weekend. So grateful for the faithful few!

IMG_3778 cropped

2016 Spring MoMENtum Retreat

Today begins our men’s weekend retreat—MoMENtum! 190 guys are about to step onto The Camp property to hear God’s Word proclaimed! God has used these retreats over the last seven years to transform lives and we are eager to see Him do an amazing work this year.

These retreats take place every spring and fall and challenge men to be the spiritual leaders God calls them to be. It is a dynamic weekend, packed with powerful teaching, purposeful conversations, and phenomenal food. Not to mention some serious competitions!

We’ve been praying for these guys by name as we’ve prepared for their arrival. Would you join us in praying that there would be deep and long-lasting impact this weekend, and that the Truth of God’s Word would penetrate the hearts of the men attending?

You can watch the Momentum Men’s Retreat this weekend on the web at:

The schedule for the services this weekend (all times are EST):

Friday – April 29
7:30 PM – Session 1

Saturday – April 30
10:00 AM – Session 2
3:00 PM – Session 3
7:00 PM – Session 4

Sunday – May 1
10:00 AM – Session 5


New stuff from a sporadic blogger

Thanks for hanging in there with me in my sporadic blogging! I may have disappeared for a bit, but I’m back to do a whirlwind of catch-up in the blogging realm. While a little late, the next couple weeks will include several updates from the last couple months, as well as a few glimpses into the upcoming summer.

In the meantime, here’s a brief overview of what I’ve been up to since February.


  • Advertising and recruiting CREW for retreats and summer family camp.
  • Praying for, finding, and pursuing CREW Leaders.
  • Learning HR management: processing nearly 160 applications (and all the paperwork that follows)!
  • Communications with CREW and their parents and other branches of the ministry.
  • Preparing and finalizing what feels like an infinite number of summer details.

Project Management:

  • Local class & mentor program
  • Spearheading multiple projects at camp to prepare for Summer Family Camp including creating over 20 personalized staff prayer cards.

Family Life Update:

  • As many of you know, Scott & Andrea are pursuing treatment options for Lyme Disease for the whole family.
  • As a result, I’ve been getting some extra time with the kiddos. 🙂 See short video clip below.


Church Family Retreat

This month I had the opportunity to head back to New Hampshire for my church family’s annual winter retreat at Singing Hills Christian Camp up in Plainfield, NH. Despite the unprecedented lack of cold and snow this February, the event, as always, was a highlight in the life of the church body!

Connecting with my church family back in NH was such a blast! In addition to having the chance catching up with everyone in person, I had the opportunity to serve as sound tech for the retreat alongside an awesome team of friends. I was also privileged to create a video of the retreat (see below) capturing the flavor of the weekend.


And So a New Year Begins…

It’s incredible how quickly years fly by. Is 2016 really already upon us?

December was bustling with activity, time with friends and family, Christmas parties, work, and rest. I savored this Christmas season of special memories with my family. As I considered the multitude of ways God has blessed my family and me this year, it filled my heart with gratitude. Our Father has been so faithful.

I was also blessed to use some vacation days at the end of the year. In addition to rest and family time, it allowed for the completion of some personal and home projects that needed to be done. With things in order, I was ready to launch into a new year!

Speaking of launched, after months of renovating and refining, the 2016 CREW application just went live! There was a ton of work that went into getting the camp website in order for this, writing and re-writing content, designing an all-new CREW Info Packet, and smoothing out the application process. At last, applications opened January 1st! It’s rewarding to see hard work culminate into successful implementation, and satisfying to watch the eager young people get their applications in early for this summer. It also means I have nonstop work from-here-on-out, which I eagerly embrace!

I’m greatly looking forward to discovering what this year holds. A new year tends to bring mixed feelings for everyone. But the transition from the end of one year to the beginning of another reminds me of the brevity of life and how this world is not our home. This Kingdom perspective is what enables us to persevere through the fast-paced years, the slow years, the challenges, the mundane, and the never-ending work before us. We make plans and set goals, but ultimately, leave it all in the hands of the One who controls it all, seeking to use each day to honor Him and to serve others. I’m thankful that His mercies are not just new every year, but new each morning (Lam. 3:22-23). Because of that, I’m hopeful for 2016.